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2017 Grant Applications

Given the increasing number of requests for grants and the unfortunate fact of life that resources are limited, the St. Patrick’s Society Grants Committee is asking for your cooperation by adhering to the guidelines set forth in the attached application form.

Adhering to the strict deadlines being imposed will significantly help the Committee properly sort out the various requests and verify information that may be missing in the application before sitting down to allocate funds to the various and very worthwhile recipients.

It has happened in the past that very worthwhile and necessary requests have come to our attention after the Committee has drafted its final list for submission. A change of procedures will enable all eligible parties to submit their request with the full knowledge that they will be considered on their merits.

Thank you for adhering to this format.

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2017.


St. Patrick’s Society’s service to the community is guided by the intent of its Founders: “To unite the members of our community, to promote their best interests and those of our society at large, and to promote charitable, educational, cultural and other purposes.” [By-Laws of the Society]

The Grants committee of St. Patrick's Society of Montreal advises the Society’s Board of Directors with respect to the disbursement of funds by the Society to not-for-profit organizations, cultural or educational mission.

The primary purpose of the Grants committee is to enabling the charitable, cultural and educational growth of our Irish community and, in doing so, it creates opportunities that “unite the members of our community”.

The current chairperson of the Grants Committee is Society Vice-President, Christie Brown.



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