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Membership in St. Patrick's Society provides a means of uniting the members of our community and fostering Irish tradition, to promote their best interests and those of our Society at large, and to promote charitable, educational, cultural grants and further providing a voice, when necessary, on behalf of the Irish Canadian community.

St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal was founded in March 1834, predating St. Jean Baptiste (June 1834). Its aim was to provide charitable, social and educational support for the rapidly growing Irish population of Montreal. Its stance was to be non-political and non-sectarian.

The society seeks ways to ensure the growth of Montreal’s Irish community so that it can contribute in a vital manner to Quebec and Canadian society. In doing so, it builds on the significant achievements of previous generations who have contributed in such a remarkable way to the social, cultural, political, educational and religious life of the province. Inspired by its constitution, the Society continues to speak, when necessary, on behalf of the Irish population, thus ensuring the community’s voice is heard on matters that affect its well-being.

As well as providing a leadership role, the Society cooperates with other Irish organizations to maintain a strong, self-confident community. Doing so enhances the unique historical role the Irish have played as a bridge between the French and English communities, sharing culture and religion with one, and language and history with the other.

The Society strives to attract new members and encourages them to help implement its plans to ensure a dynamic and exciting Irish community in Montreal.

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