GAA: The Shamrocks Derby

Event Date: 
07/30/2016 - 19:00 to 23:45
Event Description ENG: 

Where: Chalet BBQ, 5436 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1V9

Another Fundraiser for the GAA and its Team Canada members.

Save the date, July 30th is not one to miss! The Shamrocks will be having a NIGHT AT THE RACES to help support the Canadian teams going to the GAA World Games this August 7-14 in Dublin! Should be a great night with gambling, drinking, and plenty of craic!! It is also recommended to dress the part, and ladies, the bigger the hat the better!

So here’s how it works:
- Tickets to the event are 15$ and you get a chicken dinner!!
- You can sponsor a horse for 10$ and you get to name it! Come up with a good one since the announcer MUST say the horse’s names during the race ;)
- If you sponsor a horse you get a badge saying that you are the owner of that horse
- The winner of each race will get a bottle of liquor
- There will be 8 races on the night and you can gamble on the races even if you don’t sponsor a horse
- There will be drinks available at very reasonable prices

Tickets to the event can be bought directly from Team Canada members. Also, if you are interested in sponsoring a horse please contact any of them or send a personal message to the Shamrocks Facebook page. Hope to see you there! :)

You can also contact the club at



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