Community Award Recipients




The history of this Award, which was first presented in 1993, indicates two distinct goals:

1. To honour a person within the Irish community who has served in low-profile positions yet who has worked wholeheartedly for the good of the whole community.

2. To honour a Montrealer of Irish descent who has assumed a broader mandate to serve beyond the borders of our local Irish societies.  His/her achievements bring honour to us all and it is fitting that we acknowledge such commitment.

Below is the list of recipients since 1993

1993 - Rev. Russell Breen, Pastor, St. Patrick’s Basilica (Restoration)

1994 - Joe Mell, Community Volunteer

1995 - Sr. Margaret Power, Educator and Sister of the Sacred Heart Community, Montreal

1996 - Charlotte Tansey, President and Founder, Thomas More Institute for Adult Education

1997 - Bernadette Short, Irish Dancing Teacher and International Adjudicator

1998 - Brian Gallery, Chair, Canadian Irish Studies Foundation

1999 - Rev. Tom McEntee, Pastor, St. Edmund of Canterbury, Beaconsfield

2000 - Audrey McKeown, Community Volunteer

2001 - Dr. Gus O’Gorman, Founder, Montreal Irish Language Study Circle

2002 - Mary McDaid, Community Volunteer

2003 - David Hannaford, Past-President, Irish Protestant Benevolent Society

2004 - Sr. Maura McGrath, CND; Founder and Director of Refuge Juan Moreno

2005 - Brian O’Neill, Past-President, St. Patrick’s Society; Former Executive Vice President, NHL

2006 - Patrick Rourke, Pillars Trust; ESCC; CCS; Refuge Juan Moreno 

2007 - Lynn Doyle, Past-President, St. Patrick’s Society; President, Ciné Gael Montreal

2008 - Marianna O’Gallagher, Historian of Grosse Ile and Irish Quebec

2009 - Michael Kenneally, Founder, School of Canadian Irish Studies

2010 - Margaret Healy, Community Volunteer

2011 - Mabel Ann Fitzgerald, Community Volunteer

2012 - Fergus V. Keyes, Community Volunteer

2013 - Martin Murphy, ESCC Executive Director and Community Volunteer

2014 - Leo Delaney, Chairman, Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation

2015 - Jimmy Heaslip, MIRFC co-founder

2016 - Andrew W. Fogarty, Past-President, St. Patrick’s Society, Community Volunteer

2016 - Kenneth O'Donnell, Community Volunteer (posthumous)

2017 - Lisa Forget, Community Volunteer



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