192nd Consecutive St. Patrick's Parade

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03/22/2015 - 12:00
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2015 St. Patrick’s Society Parade Contingent

Dear Members, Families and Friends,

Please join the St. Patrick’s Society contingent and march proudly in alignment in the 192nd Saint Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015. Start time is noon. Latest arrival is 11:30am

The Society’s parade day contact this year is Lynda McAssey Premerl. Cell: 514-817-0870

Gather together for further information on Saint Catherine Street just west of Fort; near the Society’s float.
Important note: This is a change of location from previous years.

Dress code – Important!

  • Dark coat; dark pants; comfortable walking shoes; dress warmly.
  • No jeans, running shoes or sloppy attire!

    We have a limited number of items to hand out:

  • Sashes; and only 6 top hats and white gloves are available OR bring your own top hat, white gloves and shillelagh
  • MARCHING formation:

  • All non-flag bearing marchers will be walking FOUR across followed by our motorized float at the very end.
  • Lynda will brief everyone on the parade day itself.

    FLOAT information:

  • There are only 20 spots available on the float for those with limited mobility.
  • Call Lynda (514-817-0870) or Erin (514-481-1346) to reserve your spot. We will maintain a reservation list.
  • The float will be located on Ste. Catherine Street just west of Fort.
  • Once you are on the float, you cannot disembark until the end on Philips Square. The exception is if there is an emergency situation.
  • If the weather is chilly, it is recommended to bring a blanket to cover your knees.

    SALUTING and HATS off at the reviewing stand:

  • The reviewing stand is located on McGill College on north side of street. Bell Local TV is also filming the parade this year. They are on the south side of the street.
  • Once we reach the reviewing stand, we will all turn towards the reviewing stand and on my count of 3, remove your hat as a salute and wave.
    PARADE adjournment: Ends at Philips Square. Turn south and disperse to enjoy the day of celebrations!

    VOLUNTEERS are needed: To carry flags and banners. Contact Lynda at 514-817-0870 or Erin at 514-481-1346

    Thank you and see you all in great numbers on Sunday morning, March, 22nd, 2015.

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